This section is about useful references and available tutorials.

It will probably remain a work-in-progress as my knowledge and experience deepens, and I am able to share more.

About Starting Your Business

About your Business: Getting Visions, Goals and Tasks right


About your Business: Governance Risk Compliance - things you really should be paying attention to. Introducing the CRAGS Model

"The BEST WAY to build an online business" - Travis Stephenson, CEO of Chatmatic (YouTube version)

Chatmatic - build automated chat bots or sequences for Messenger - Messenger Marketing

Chatmatic - what is it all about? Have a look...

Chatmatic Integrations / Automations via Zappier

This is about automation in a sales funnel, being able to automate and integrate the different components and products. Eg, Chatmatic integration with Kartra, or with Google spreadsheets, or with MailChimp. Or Dubb with Kartra.

Zappier is superb at doing this.

Chatmatic - Zapier - Zoho Worksheet: adding a row into a spreadsheet from Chatmatic via Zapier

Chatmatic - Zapier - Zoho Worksheet: updating a row into a spreadsheet from Chatmatic via Zapier

Examples - use of chatbots:

See an example of an Instagram post for a pizza company

Dubb - "Dubb is a video communication platform that offers business users a platform to send personalized, trackable videos."    (... thanks Paige)

Dubb - a quick start guide, with Paige Battcher

Dubb - a behind the scenes look, with Paige Battcher