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About us

We are a niche digital marketing agency specialising in:

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Conversational Commerce, chatbots

  • Copywriting

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What we do
Thread 1 - Strategy

Can you answer:

  • “How will I get new customers this year?”

  • “How do I know if I am underselling myself?”

Strategy is all about

a) how to answer questions like these, and

b) asking the right questions to enable you to take the best advantage of available technologies to best meet your customers needs and to solve their problems.


In short, to get customers and sell more. No matter how great your service or product, no matter how much you love doing what you do, if you fall-down on marketing … you won’t have a business. No customers – no business.


It is crucial to get your marketing right.

Thread 2 - Chatbots

The second thread of what I do involves “conversational commerce”, chatbots. The chatbots that I do are automated conversations that can be created to run in Facebook Messenger or Instagram.


With the huge development in recent years in the capability and capacity of hand held devices, and telecoms, we really have a revolution in how we can communicate. Now you can ask a customer what they want, and what they need. Then tailor the response specifically to them.


I don’t think we have yet clocked the significance of this revolution in communication. In marketing, communication is key.

Thread 3 - Copywriting

This leads to the third thread of my work, around the creation of words – copywriting. This threads its way throughout marketing and beyond.


At its heart, marketing is a “people thing”. It is a “communication thing”. You have to get your communications right, and your words right. Your copy needs to be compelling. A good copywriter needs to understand marketing, and how all the component pieces fit together and support each other. How any one component will affect the components around it, and how, in turn, every component will be affected by each of those other components. A good copywriter needs to be able to map out every piece of an effective sales-funnel. A good copywriter needs to be a marketer.

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