There are two main projects that I am working on, and continuing to develop
Project 1
Genesis Governance Assurance Framework
Project 2
Doing Block Model

This Governance Assurance Framework is based on ISACA's information system audit guidelines and standards, and includes threads from various other frameworks and standards – including PCI-DSS, various ISO Standards (especially the 27000 family and 9001), CIS 20 Critical Control, NIST-800-53, IIC Industrial Internet of Things (Vol G4) Security Framework, and the FORS Bronze framework. It is most relevant to small and medium size businesses, and is not specific to any one industry.

The intention is to enables a business owner or senior management to say, “I have my business goals well defined and my business strategies in place to achieve those goals. I have all of my rules, practices, processes, processors, business risks and costs adequately controlled – and I have the data to verify that.”

If you are unable to say this, then I suspect, there is room for improvement, and work to be done. Good governance is at the heart of every successful business.

This is a model of the key principles of governance, of a flow from strategic vision through to achievement in a form accessible to anyone. Using the model enables someone who may be uncertain how to proceed, or unsure what to do, to easily find the next step. It is aimed primarily at individuals, or sole-traders who want to progress, and have not had exposure to governance related concepts and functions common in the corporate world.


In summary, it is a simple, graphical tool to

  • Turn your vision into an achievement

  • Thrive in a world of change