Our Mission Statement

To enable and promote authenticity - a clear articulation of purpose

and from there, sustained commitment to that purpose


the heart of sustained success

No-one believes in nothing. No-one has no philosophy. Your philosophy shapes your behaviour. Your philosophy encompasses and underpins all of your beliefs, values, axioms and prejudices. It colours your perceptions, guides your thinking, dictates your responses, shapes your life. It underpins your driving principles, your motives, your purpose and what you find meaningful. From all of this, we act. From actions comes consequences. From all of this we experience life.

Authenticity is all about being clear on your philosophy, what you believe, what your purpose is, and how your actions with their inescapable consequences align with those.


There are two significant threads here:

  • Purpose – what it is you are trying to do, or achieve or work towards. If you are not clear here, then where are you going? What are you doing?

  • Commitment to purpose – this lies at the heart of achieving anything, and applies everywhere – playing a musical instrument, learning a language, staying fit, improving yourself, becoming competent in any new skill, sustaining a relationship, success in business… Going to the gym once is not ‘fit for life’. That requires regular, sustained activity - commitment. If there is no committent, progress generally fades to nothing. Another aspect of this, is that the actions need to be in line with and remain in line with purpose. Simply ‘doing stuff’ is not enough. Checking that you are on course once is not enough – it needs to be a regular thing. The consequences of the actions need to support the purpose. Otherwise it is just thrashing.


Full authenticity happens when there is clarity in purpose, aligning with philosophy and belief, with actions rooted in commitment to that purpose. When this is true, amazing things can happen.


In this sense, prosperity is a consequence, rather than a goal. Happiness is a consequence, rather than a goal. Health is a consequence rather than a goal.


Full authenticity is not one-tracked, or single-threaded. This principle, or lack of it, threads through all of life – health, spirituality, relationship, the way you earn your living, the way you build and run your business. Lack of authenticity leads to contradiction. It leads to limitation, stagnation, being less than it could be. It leads to dissonance. All too often, people’s philosophy, beliefs and values are arrived at unconsciously, often inherited from their society and environment. When this happens, the lack of authenticity may be unconscious but the feeling of dissonance is both real and felt.


Personally, I want to live in authenticity – or at least commit to heading in that direction. I want to be working with people who value integrity, authenticity and meaning - in the fullest sense of what that means.


Our mission is to enable and promote authenticity – a clear articulation of purpose and from that, commitment to purpose.


From this common starting point, my work has two distinct paths:

  • A business / commercial thread – a clarification of business purpose, of strategic vision, strategic goals and a framework to achieve those goals, along with components of standard business best-practice: marketing, risk management, business continuity, compliance and assurance. All the time, keeping all of it accessible, handleable and relevant. This is the arena of Governance Risk Compliance (GRC).

  • A spiritual thread – clarification and articulation of philosophy, of belief and value, of life purpose; and from that what is achievable, and what to do about it. In short, to enable and promote fully authentic living.